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 Please click here to watch a video on how to link your SA800 and SA100 for partnerships           


New update 12/08/21! You can now transfer over the Partnership details from the SA800 to the SA100 automatically

Please head to you SA100 return Click here to find out how to create an SA100

Click on + Supplementary form and select Partnership or Partnership Short then click the 'X' button

Scroll to find the section in the Supplementary Pages Tab and click on a link to start filling out the information

  1. Click on the dropdown box on the right hand side
  2. Select the partnership return
  3. Click link SA800 return

The information will fill out automatically

Please then click save

Having Issues?-Let's troubleshoot common issues

  1. Does the partner in the sa800 (under SA800 > settings> Partners) have the same UTR as the Individual?
  2. In the SA800 form are all of the Partners' shares and income allocated?
  3. In the SA100 have you selected the correct partnership form  from the drop down before clicking link SA800?
  4. If you have added any supplementary pages in SA800 you should select Partnership, if you have added no supplementary pages you should choose partnership short