Set Up Location: My Admin > My Firm 

Please click here to watch how to add your company logo


Update September 2021: You can now add your accountancy's logo onto you bookkeeping reports, payroll reports and your annual accounts

To Start

Please head to My Admin and click on My Firm

Please click on the edit button next to My Firm Details

A pop-up will appear

Please scroll to the bottom of the pop up and click on upload logo

From here you can upload a saved logo from your files

Please click save.

Please then head to either Bookkeeping, Payroll or Accounts Production modules

On your module of choice,

Please head to the dashboard, click on general settings, then click on logo on report

The below page will appear,

Please click edit, then click the box to either enable or disable your logo on the report

Click save

In Accounts Production you can now create your accounts 

If your accounts are already created please click the regenerate button.

Your accounts will now show your company logo at the top of the report.

In Bookkeeping and Payroll please head to your client > Reports and then choose your report.

Please click to download the report to PDF

Your logo will show at the top of the report.