Payroll Dashboard > Select Client > Submission > FPS & EPS > Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

Video Tutorial:

Click here to watch how to submit an EPS for a previous tax year


Navigate to the EPS section using the navigation provided above. Once there, you will need to use the Year drop-down menu to switch to any of the prior years.

*note* will need to have already submitted an EPS in the prior year through Capium in order to switch back, otherwise you will not be able to

Upon switching to a prior tax year, you will be prompted so that you are aware, as shown below. Simply click 'Ok' to close the dialogue and proceed with the submission. It's important to note that rolling back to a previous tax year in the EPS section does not affect any other area within the Payroll such as FPS. Hence you will need to switch back to the current tax year by using the drop down menu again.

Once you are finished, simply use the same drop-down menu to switch back to the current year and you will again receive a confirmation of you doing so.