Navigation: My Admin > Clients

Click here to watch how to add Clients, Contacts and Users


Update from the 20th September 2021. Adding clients, contacts and users is becoming more streamlined.

In my admin click on the clients heading, Click new client.

The following pop up will appear

You can now select a contact (people who work in the business) and a user (a person can log into their Capium account) directly when adding a client.

By using the search bar next to the Name section, you can search the company name from Companies House. The registration number will then auto populate.

The directors which are on companies house can now be selected from the dropdown bar

There is one more step to connect the director

Please enter into the client by clicking the pencil button on the client list

Click add contact link

A pop up will appear, please click director from the dropdown list

Then click select Director

Please click the director from the dropdown list

The directors information will auto-populate.

Then click save.

If you are adding a new contact you can now add a user at the same time

Please go to contacts on the main heading.

Click on New Contact.

Please enter the contact information as needed. 

To create the user click the check box next to Create User.

Please ensure you add a password and email address for the contact.

Please proceed to save the information.