Navigation: Practice Management > Reports

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Video Tutorial:

Click here to watch how to view reports in Practice Management


Head to the Reports section using the navigation above. Once there, you will find 6 report categories: 

1. Clients

2. Tasks

3. Deadlines

4. Team

5. Timesheets

6. Invoices

Each report category will have a minimum of 2 sub categories which can be viewed - click on any line item to view the detailed report. Using the below example (Task Report) this will give you a complete overview of all tasks based on the filters setup at the top of the page.

You also have the option to export any report as CSV, XLS or PDF using the Export As option shown below.

Schedule Report

Within any report, you have the option to set up a Schedule so that reports can be sent to you automatically based on desired schedule. In any report, click the 'Schedule Report' button where you will be presented with the below interface. Go through the options available and set up as desired, then change the status to on and Save.