1. Getting started

2. Adding information onto the payroll

3. How to run a Payroll 

4. How to make an RTI submission

5. How to make a year end amendment to a FPS

6. Creating and submitting P11D's

7. How to set up bulk payroll

8. Other useful articles

1. Getting started

1a. Setting up general settings

When working with a client for the first time, you will need to fill out the mandatory information in the general settings. 

From the general settings, you will also be able to do the following: 

- Contact Details - The details of the main contact for the client 

- HMRC Credentials - You can enter your agent credentials which will be used to make RTI submissions 

- Payslip Template - You can select which template you want to generate the payslips 

- Pay Rates - You can set up the different pay rates for the client 

- Data Security - Set a master password for the password protected payslips and reports 

1b. Adding employees

Navigate into 'Manage Payroll' and click on 'Employees'

When adding employees you can either use '+Add Employee' to create them individually or click on 'Import Employees' to use the CSV to bulk import all employees. 

1c. Uploading the employee YTD 

You can use the YTD import to bring over the up to date information for the employees. 

Click on 'Import YTD'.

Select an employee and click on '+ Import YTD'

You can then download the bulk CSV template and upload the information accordingly. 

1d. Setting up a pension

Video Tutorials:

Click here to watch how to add a new Pension Scheme

Click here to watch how to download Pension contribution / Employer contribution reports

Click here to watch how to send Pension Correspondence letters

Click here to watch how to change pension rates

Click here to watch how to delete a pension scheme

To set up a pension, go into 'Auto Enrolment' and start by entering either a Staging Date or Re-enrolment Date 

You can then go into 'Pension Schemes' to add the scheme you're working with. 

Click on 'Add Scheme' 

From here you can enter the general pension information as well as set up the Tax Reliefs / Upper and Lower bands / Employee and Employer Contributions 

2. Adding information onto the payroll

Click here to watch how to navigate the 'Manage Payroll' section to add additional information 

2a. Additional

Under the 'Additional' tab you will be able to make adjustments to the payroll.

To add information, use the drop down list to select the specific type of data you want to add and click on '+ Add Leave' 

This will prompt you to fill in the information accordingly. 

2b. Leaves & Holidays

To add a particular leave or holiday, go into the tab and click on '+ Add Leave' 

2c. Timekeeping

Watch the video to know more about Timekeeping 

You can use timekeeping to add the hours worked for employees. 

Before adding the time records, ensure you use the filter options to identify the employees you're updating. 

Clicking on '+Add Time Record' will give you the option to enter the information. 

NOTE: when entering the hours worked, please note 8:30 means 8.5 hours 

3. How to run a Payroll 

Watch the video to learn how to process a payroll 

Once all the payroll information has been updated in 'Manage Payroll', go into 'Process Payroll' to run it. 

The first step is to approve the payroll by selecting the employees you wish to run and click on 'Approve'. 

Note: You can use the calculator button to make any final adjustments 

To run the payroll, go into the 'Payroll' section. 

From here click on 'Run Payroll' 

4. How to make an RTI submission

4a. FPS

Once you have processed and ran the payroll you will be able to make a RTI submission to HMRC.

Navigate to 'Submissions' > FPS & EPS. 

You can use the filter options to find previous returns.  To make a new submission click on '+ Add Submission'.

This will prompt you to select an employee the FPS needs to be submitted for. 

The second step is to do a validation check. Here the system will flag up any potential errors on the return. 

The final step is to validate the the HMRC Credentials that have been picked up by Capium and to make the submission. 

4b. EPS

To make an EPS submission go into the 'Employer Payment Summary (EPS)' tab and click on 'Add Submission'.

Fill in the information accordingly and click 'HMRC Submit'

5. How to make a year end amendment to a FPS

Click here to watch how to make year end amendments

Navigate to 'Submissions' > YEA-FPS.

Click on '+ Submit YEA-FPS'.

From here you can select the employee and make the adjustments. 

To make the submission, click on 'HMRC Submitted'. 

6. Creating and submitting P11D's

Watch the video to know about the P11D Submissions 

To create the return, go to 'P11D Form' and click on '+ Create New Return'.

You can then set the return up as needed by selecting the type of return, the year and the employee. 

Using the Quick Entry menu, fill in the P11D information accordingly.

To make the submission,  navigate to P11D > Submit > P11D.

Clicking on the Submit P11D button will allow you to select the P11D generated in the previous step and make the submission to HMRC. 

7. How to set up bulk payroll

Click here to watch how to set up bulk payroll

Bulk payroll will allow you to set up automated payroll and FPS submissions for those clients on a static wage. 

From the payroll dashboard navigate to Bulk Payroll > Automated Settings

First, add the clients you want to automate by clicking on '+ Client'

Once the client has been added to the dashboard, select the client and click on 'Manage Schedule'.

Fill in the details bellow according to when the submissions should be made.

Payroll Run Date = when Capium will process the payroll

Submission Date = the date when the FPS will be submitted 

Pay Date = this is when the employees will be paid 

Notify to (All Process) = You can select who you want to notify when the payrolls have been submitted. Selecting this will send the payroll summary and periodic tax and NI report to the client. 

Notify to (After Submission) = selecting this will automatically send the payslips to the employees 

NOTE: the client manager is the accountant who is set as the client manager in My Admin 

8. Other useful articles

Click here to go to the FAQ page

How to Amend a Payroll Process

How to perform a bulk import of employee hours 

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