Location: Bookkeeping module > Client > MTD > Submit VAT

If using our bookkeeping module for sales and purchases, you can submit your VAT return easily through MTD in Capium to HMRC.

Watch the video here on how to submit through Capium's MTD solution

Click here to find out how to authorise Capium for MTD on a client by client basis

Once authorised for MTD on a client by client basis please click Submit VAT under MTD.

Click + VAT Period to create the next VAT period

This will bring up the next VAT period according to your VAT settings

If happy click save and next.

The sales and purchases transactions for the period will appear automatically.

If you have any additional transaction which fall outside the period to the requested VAT return period please find the transaction by clicking on the + include button.

The 'x Exclude' will allow you to exclude any transactions from the return.

Please then click 'next' when you are happy with the transactions

The completed 9 box page will appear.

By clicking 'View Audit Report' you will be able to download an Excel or PDF form as needed.

Please then click 'submit to Capium'

Submit to Capium means the VAT return will be saved to the system. However no HMRC submission has been made.

You can then click 'continue for HMRC submission' to submit to HMRC

If you would like to submit later to HMRC, the return will be saved automatically.

To submit the return to HMRC later please go back to the previous return. Then under the action dropdown click Submit to HMRC and follow through to submit the return.