This article will cover the steps you must follow to set up a client for the first time on Capium. This process will consist of creating a client either individually or via bulk upload, as well as creating the key contacts for this client. 

Video Tutorial:

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The first step is to create the client you'll be working with on the system. To do this go into My Admin and click on the 'Client' tab. 

You will see an option to either create the client individually by selecting 'New Client' or do a bulk import by clicking on 'Import Client. 

You can follow the link below which will provide more information on how to bulk import your clients. 

How to bulk import clients into Capium

The next step is to create the contacts for these clients. To do this navigate to the 'Contact' tab.

Again, you will have an option to create the contacts individually or do a bulk import. 

The final step is to link the contact to the client. 

Navigate to the 'Client' tab and click on the edit button. 

From 'Contact Links' click on 'Add Contact Link'. 

You can then select the contact which will automatically pull the contact information for the individual.