This article will cover the best way to set up a service in order to create deadlines and tasks. You'll be able to use the workflow manager to organise automated tasks as well as create email reminders for the service. 

It's important to note that once the service has been edited, you must assign the service to the respected clients. 


Practice Management > Settings > Services > Edit / Create service > Click on 'Assign Service' to allocate accordingly 

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To edit / create a service navigate to 'Settings' and go into 'Services'.

You can either create a new service by clicking on 'Add Custom Service' or edit a service by clicking on the service name. 

The process of editing a service consists of three steps:

1. The Service Details

Here you can edit the general information of the service such as frequency, fee and the type of clients you'll be doing this service for.

2. The Task Manager 

The second step will allow you to create a selection of automatic tasks that will be created when a deadline is generated for the service. Use this to standard process in your practice. 

3. Configure Reminders 

The final step will allow you to create multiple reminder emails that will be sent out to either you staff or clients to notify them when the specific deadline is due. Note, you can edit the layout of the email under 'Deadline Reminder' in the Email Template tab within settings. 

Once the service has been edited, you can assign the service to the respected client. to do this go into 'Assign Service' and allocate accordingly.