Create SA100 > Add supplementary page for Self Employment > Net profits or loss > Capital Allowances > Capital Allowance Calculator > Select Tax Return > Import B/Fwd Data  

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In the example below you can see two tax returns for 2020/21 (prior year) and 2021/22 (current year). 

This new enhancement will give you the ability to bring forward all capital allowances entered from previous returns into the current submission.

NOTE: ensure you have added the capital allowance in the prior year and have created the supplementary page for 'Self Employment' in the current tax return. 

Navigate into the Self Employment supplementary page > Net profit(loss), Tax, allowances and Taxable profit(loss).

Go into the Capital Allowance tab and click on 'Capital Allowance Calculator'.

Select the prior year tax return and click on 'Import B/Fwd Data.