Navigation: My Admin > Request Backup


  1. Please navigate to My Admin (highlighted below in the top right)  

  1. Next, please click on the “Request Backup” icon & then “Request”  as displayed in the picture below:

  1. Once you have clicked on the “Request” icon, the below page will then be displayed which will enable you to either select the data to be extracted from one particular client or all of your clients together:

  • Once you have selected all the appropriate clients that you want to extract the data for, please select the “Save icon” and please wait up to 24 hours before the files will be downloaded.

  • Once ready, you will see the status update change below to "complete". Next, you can click on the 3 dots under action to download the ZIP folder.

Once you have clicked download, you will see the file download and when you click on the zipped folder it will open up a list of all your clients (see image below) that you have requested to extract data for.

And inside these client folders, there will be specific module folders that neatly separate the data out into their relevant modules. EG. Bookkeeping data, Practise Management data ect

Alternativly, please watch the vidoe below to help assist you request a backup of your data: