We are pleased to let you know that there is a new, simplified process for UK bank feeds within Capium.


Rather than having to re-authenticate with your clients’ bank every 90 days, all you need to do now is re-confirm consent within Capium.

The information that you'll need to provide is the client's information.

Going forward, you will only need to re-confirm consent for bank feeds to continue every 90 days – by clicking on the re-confirm button within Capium.

You'll receive an email notifying you when the bank feed has five days and will need to be re - confirmed. 

You can watch the video on the process here

What happens if the connection isn’t re-confirmed after 90 days?

If the connection isn’t re-confirmed after 90 days, then no additional transactions will be fed from the bank into Capium from the date of consent expiry.

What happens if you add a new bank feed?

If you add a new bank feed for a UK bank which is live with the new process, then you will need to authenticate for the first time, and re-confirm the connection every 90 days.

Who can re-confirm your consent?

If access to the account information has been delegated to a third party such as yourself as an accountant 

or bookkeeper, then you re-confirm consent if you are authorised to do so on your client’s behalf. This means that anyone with has access to your client's account will be able to re-confirm consent on a client’s behalf.