Welcome to our Quick Guide for Practice Management! This guide will walk you through the essential initial steps and best practices to ensure a smooth setup and successful deployment.

Customising and Creating Services

Navigation: Practice Management > Settings > Services

When you start working with a client for the first time in the Practice Management module, it's important to complete the mandatory information within the Settings section. This includes:

  • Updating Default Services

  • Updating Steps/tasks to fulfil services.

  • Updating reminders for the services (both internal and external)

  • Creating Additional Services (If required)

Assigning Services

Navigation: Practice Management > Settings > Services > Assign Services

It is important to assign custom/created services to your clients. You can do it on a client specific basis as well as in bulk. To complete this task, you are required to:


  • Check the box with the relevant service next to your client

  • Check the box with the relevant service just below the relevant service (for bulk assigning)

  • Click Save to assign these services

Setting up Accounting Periods

Navigation: Practice Management > Workspace > Clients > Specific Client > Settings > Accounting Periods


To add accounting periods, you are required to follow the navigation process and select ‘Add period’, the pop up window will include a few fields to populate:

  • Type information (Accounting Period)

  • From Period

  • To Period

  • Due Date


Deadline Creation

Navigation: Practice Management > Workspace > Deadlines

To create a deadline, you must select ‘Add Deadline’ and populate relevant fields:

  • Select Clients

  • Select Service

  • You can make it a Recurring Deadline

  • You can Add a deadline to Tasks

  • Save

You can also navigate into a specific client under workspace and populate the deadline too. Workspace > Client > Add deadline.

Please note: Confirmation statements and annual accounts deadlines are available after you assign a client for these services via the Companies House synchronisation. In order to add a deadline you are required to:

  • Assign a client 

  • Select ‘Refresh’ under Workspace (Deadlines)

 How to Create/Edit Tasks

 Navigation: Practice Management > Workspace > Tasks

To create a task, you must select ‘Add Ad-hoc Task’ and populate relevant fields:


  • Task Type     

  • Task Title

  • Task Description

  • Select a Client

  • Select a Service

  • Start Date

  • Due Date

  • Visibility

  • Priority

  • Assign to

  • Save

Please note: You can also create a task in a client specific level by navigating to clients > Workspace > Add Ad hoc task.



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Congratulations! You've completed the essential steps to set up Practice Management. If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.