Welcome to our Onboarding Guide for Client Access! This guide will walk you through the essential steps and best practices to ensure a smooth setup and successful deployment.

Navigation: My Admin > Users

To add a client user, you have two options

  1. Select ‘New User’ to create the user individually.

  2. Select ‘Import Users’ to create users in bulk by utilising the provided template CSV file.

In either instance, ensure you have populated the ‘User Type’ as ‘Client’.

User Permissions

Navigation: My Admin > Users

To edit the user permissions for clients:

  1. Select ‘Action’.

  2. Select ‘Edit’.

  3. In the Companies section, select the client’s company.

  4. In the Modules section, select their permissions.

Once you have completed the previous steps, you can provide the client with their login credentials.

Client Access

The client can now access Capium by using their login credentials. All client users have access to the Hub for their own company but the rest of their access is dictated by the permissions you have set for them.

Navigation: Payroll

In Payroll, the client will only have access to:

  • Employees (Not able to add or delete)

  • Departments

  • Manage Claims

  • Timekeeping

  • Payslips

  • Auto Tax Code

They have access to the following reports:

  • Payroll Summary

  • Periodic Tax and NI

  • Additional Reports

  • Departmental Report

Navigation: Bookkeeping

In Bookkeeping, the client will have access to the permissions you have set for them.

Capium Business App

You can also use Capium’s Business App to receive data from clients much quicker, please see the article link below:


Congratulations! You've completed the essential steps to set up your Client Access. If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to your account manager.