Navigation:  Charities > Dashboard > Manage

In the Charity Manage section, you can see a breakdown for the following options:

  • Charity Profile

  • Charity Preference 

  • Opening Balance

  • Import

  • Integrations

  • Templates

Navigation:  Charities > Dashboard > Manage > Charity Profile

In the Charity Profile section, you can update charity information, you’ll need to include the following:

  • Charity Name

  • Charity Regulator

  • Charity Registration Number

  • Trading Status

  • Date of Commencement

  • Principal Purpose

  • Registered Office Address

  • Add Accounting Periods

  • Add Contact Information

  • Add Accounting Details

Navigation:  Charities > Dashboard > Manage > Charity Preference

In the Charity Preference section, you can customise Prefix and Suffix for: 

  • Invoices

  • Quotations

  • Recurring Invoices

  • Recurring Bills

  • Customise Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)

Navigation:  Charities > Dashboard > Manage > Opening Balance

  • In the Opening Balance section, you can manage opening balances for different accounts updating debit and credit values.


  • Once you select an account, you will be able to update values and save.


  • You can add new lines and clear lines within the opening balance section.

Navigation:  Charities > Dashboard > Manage > Import

In the Import section, you will be able to import:

  • Invoices

  • Bills

  • Donations

  • Credit Notes

  • Debit Notes

  • Customers

  • Suppliers

  • Donors

  • Trial Balance

  • Opening Balance

  • Bank Import

Imports section helps to make imports in bulk by downloading CSV templates and populating them. Once it has been done, you can import populated templates to finalise bulk imports.   

Navigation:  Charities > Dashboard > Manage > Integrations

In Integrations section, you will be able to send emails from the Charity module to your clients (No Reply emails), as well as you can integrate Gmail and Outlook to send emails regarding:

  • Invoices

  • Quotations

  • Credit Notes

  • Debit Notes

  • Receipts

Navigation:  Charities > Dashboard > Manage > Templates

In the Templates section, you will be able to customise templates based on your practice needs. There are different templates which are available for customisation:

  • Invoice template

  • Quotation template

  • Credit Notes template

  • Receipts template

  • Debit Notes template

  • Signature template