Funds Overview

Navigation: Charity > Funds > Overview

The top of Charity Funds Overview displays:

  • Total B.Forward

  • Total Income

  • Total Expense

  • Total Transfer

  • Total Balance

Below this section, there are a number of graphs related to:

  • Fund Breakdown

  • Income & Expenses by fund type

  • Income vs Expenses

To filter the data and graphs by a specific period, click on the drop-down on top right corner and select your period:

  • Last 30 days

  • This month

  • This quarter

  • This year

  • Last month

  • Last quarter

  • Last year

  • Custom (Select date range)

Funds List

Navigation: Charity > Funds > Funds List

To add a new fund:

  1. Select '+Add Fund’.

2. Populate the required information.

3. Select ‘Save and New’ or ‘Save and Exit’.

To view the details of a specific fund - select the fund. To edit - select the pencil icon on the right side of the screen.

Funds Transfer

Navigation: Charity > Funds > Fund Transfers

1. Select ‘+Add Fund Transfer’.

2. Populate the required information.

3. Select ‘Save and New’ or ‘Save and Exit’.

To edit an existing fund transfer - select the pencil icon. To export - select the fund transfer.