Navigation:  Charities > Bank > Dashboard

In the Charities Bank overview section, you can see a breakdown of all bank accounts that have been added as well as their current status.

Adding a bank Account:

  • A bank account can be added by clicking on the ‘+ Bank Account’.

The following data will then need to be entered to create the bank account:

  • Account Name

  • Account Code

  • Bank Account Type

  • Account No

Once this data is entered, please click ‘Save’ and then the new bank account will be added to the bank dashboard along with other accounts created.

Importing Bank transactions:

Navigation: Navigation:  Charities > Bank > Dashboard

When it comes to importing bank transactions into Capium there are 3 options which will be discussed below:

Bank Import:

We have an excel file template that can be used to input your bank transactions on and then reupload. This file will be found once you navigate inside a bank, click the 3 dots on the right hand side of the screen and select ‘import’ and then download a sample file.

Once the information has been populated on the sheet, you can reupload it by clicking the ‘Browse’ button which will enable you to select the appropriate bank import file from your desktop.

Manual Import: 

The manual import option enables you to directly enter the transactions inside of the bank account such as seen in the image below.

The date, description and amounts need to be entered before saving.

Once saved, the transactions will appear as you select the bank and navigate to the bank dashboard.

Bank Feeds:

Navigation: Navigation:  Charities > Bank > Bank Feeds

The final option to import bank transactions into the accounts would be using bank feeds. These are the most convenient option and allow you to link the charity’s bank account directly into the bank section of the module. Once the link is successful, the transactions will automatically refresh daily on the system.

Please see the following steps below link the account:

  • Select bank account you want the bank feed for under the dropdown

  • Select the Bank Account

  • Enter Account credentials

  • Confirm connection

Note: For any difficulty connecting bank feeds, do not hesitate to contact our support team or Onboarding team.

How to do Bank Transfers:

Navigation: Navigation:  Charities > Bank > Bank Transfers

When multiple bank accounts have been added, you have the option to transfer funds from one account to another. 

The following information needs to be entered before the transfer entry can be recorded:

  • Transferred from Account

  • Transferred To Account

  • Amount

  • Full Name

  • Reference