Our CRM has been designed for efficient workflow for accounting practices to source new clients and prospects.

Navigation:  Practice Management > CRM > Dashboard

Click to redirect to the above navigation

The dashboard will give you an overview of your prospects and potential clients. You can filter the dashboard dates as well as export the dashboard as a pdf file.

The dashboard displays: 

  • Sales Pipeline - For your Prospects, Leads and Clients, giving you an overview of your ability to convert.

  • Breakdown by Source - This allows you to track where you are finding your leads and show you through what source your leads have contacted you.

  • Breakdown by Business Type - Shows the type of clients you are reaching out to.

  • Top 10 Connections - This chart shows you top 10 connections based on their revenue. 

  • Breakdown by Employees - Allows you to see the size of your prospects and leads by the number of employees, giving you an overview of the size of your potential client.

  • Breakdown by Turnover - This chart shows the size of your prospects and leads by their turnover.

Navigation:  Practice Management > CRM > Connections

Click to redirect to the above navigation

The Connections section will display the list of your prospects, leads & clients. On the right side of the screen you will also see the source of the connection as well as their status, making it easier for you to track the status of your connections.

To add new connections click New Connections and fill in the details on the connections as shown below:

Navigation:  Practice Management > CRM > Communications

Click to redirect to the above navigation

You can use our Capium CRM to on-board your prospective clients more effectively and efficiently by sending them Engagement and Proposal Letters, email communications and SMS

Congratulations! You can now use our CRM Tool to better understand your prospects and efficiently turn your leads into clients. If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to your Onboarding Manager.

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