The Time and Fees Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your practice's productivity and profitability, delivering valuable insights through an array of Widgets that feature graphs and performance metrics

Navigation: Time and Fees > Dashboard

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Customise your dashboard by rearranging Widgets through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Add or remove Widgets by clicking the '+Add Widget' button.


  • Timesheet Summary

  • Most vs Least by Profit & Working Hours

  • Task Wise Hours Details

  • Timer

  • Total Task Hours

  • Billable & Non-billable Hours

  • Time off Hours by Users

  • Job Count by Status

  • Fees Summary

  • By Invoiced Amount

  • By Due Amount

  • Invoice Amount by Category

  • Top 5 Clients by Invoice Amount

  • Top 5 Clients with Balance

  • Income Trend

  • Revenue Flow

  • Amount Received by Payment Methods

  • Estimates by Status and Amount

  • Invoiced Amount by Status

Customise your dashboard to focus on a specific period by selecting the desired timeframe from the dropdown menu.


  • This Week

  • Last Week

  • This Month

  • Last Month

  • This Quarter

  • Last Quarter

  • This Year

  • Last Year

  • Custom

If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to your Onboarding Manager.