This article covers all the essential information you need to know for what your staff users can and cannot access within the ‘Job’ sections 

Job Display

Navigation:  Time & Fees > Jobs 

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After the admin creates a new Job, it will be visible in the 'Job' section of Staff accounts, where Jobs are organised and displayed in a table format, showing details the details of the Job in these mandatory fields:

  • Job ID - Shows the Job ID

  • Status - The status of this Job

  • Sub tasks - The sub task associated with the Job

  • Client - Name of the client you completing the Job for

  • Task - The task associated with the Job

  • User - Name of the account user

  • Logged Time - The amount of time logged for this Job

  • Fees - The fee charged for the Job

  • Spent - How much they have spent up to a specific time

  • Remaining - The remaining fee of the Job 

  • Cost - The total cost of the Job

You can filter through the table by:

  • Status e.g. In Progress or Completed

  • Tasks e.g. Admin, Bookkeeping, Company Accounts etc. 

  • Time e.g. Today, This week, Last Month etc.

Staff can remove or display the following fields:

  • Fee Type - If its billable or non-billable

  • Start Date - The start date of the Job

  • End Date - The end date of the Job

  • Created By - Who has created the Job

  • Created On - When was the Job Created

  • Completed By - Who has completed the Job

  • Completed On - When was the Job completed 

  • Recurring - View if it is a recurring Job

Track and Update Jobs

Staff user accounts can have access to the majority of the areas within the Time and Fees module. The Admin has the ability to give access to any area within the module, giving your practice flexibility. 

Navigation:  Time & Fees > Jobs - Choose Specific Job

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As shown above, you can track the status of the Job by viewing the number of tasks that have been completed. Next to that you can add a ‘Log Time’ as well as start the time for a task by clicking ‘Start Timer’ and selecting a subtask from the dropdown list.

For demonstration purposes, we have given our staff account access to the following areas:

  • Email

  • Files

  • Comments

  • Activity

  1. Email

In the 'Email' section, staff members have the ability to send emails to other staff members and clients, as well as upload attachments. All email history and correspondence are conveniently displayed at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to easily keep track of all email communications.

  1. Files

In the 'Files' section, Staff can upload documents and files related to the Job, and can also view the entire upload history.


The Comments section enables you and your staff members, if you have given them permission in the 'Manage' area, to add any extra comments or notes related to the Job. Additionally, both you and staff have the ability to view all comments made by others.

  1. Activity

In the 'Activity' section, staff users can observe and oversee all actions taken by them regarding a particular Job as well as the activity of other staff members and users, enabling all who have access to track any changes made to the Job.


Every Job that is created gets automatically added to the Calendar, assisting staff in monitoring the progress of the Job, understanding the duration it will take to complete, and gauging the workload. Additionally, the Calendar can be filtered to view by Today, Day, Week, and Month, allowing for customised scheduling and planning.

If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to your Onboarding Manager.