Time and Fees: Onboarding Sequence


This article provide the Step by Step guide of the Onboarding Sequence of Time and Fees

To get started

Navigation: Settings>My Business

In this section, you are able to update the company details ,individual/ Sole trader  by populating details in  the relevant fields.

  • Company Name

  • Company Number

  • VAT Number

  • Address

  • Contact

  • Upload logo


Navigation: Settings> Preferences


In this section you will be able to update the following details

  • Start Week on: This element provides the details of when does the week start

  • Default Capacity Hours per week:This element provides the details as how many hours on average the members of organisation work 

  •  Minimum Chargeable Time:  In this element you are able to set chargeable time on your clients to function in the software.

  •  Timesheet Due on: The user will be able to set the timesheet due on.

  • Timesheet Reminder: Set automatic reminders to your staff members, send the user a reminder to submit the timesheet each week's end.

  • Time Format: the user  can update the  time format. 

  • Time Mode : The user can set the time mode (Duration, Start and end time)


Navigation: Settings> Invoices


In Invoices the admin can choose the preferences for Invoices. It includes the 

  • Invoice ID generation type: In invoice generation id there are 2 option to select either (Autogenerate or Add Manually )

  • Payment Method

  • Payment Due Term 

  • VAT details

  • Sending Recurring invoices option

  • Footer


 Navigation: Settings> Estimates



In this section, the admin can select the Estimate ID generation type (Autogenerate or Add Manually) and Prefix and suffix of Estimates of Fees for the clients along with the Footer.


Navigation: Settings> Templates


In this section, Capium will provide default templates for the sections listed below. Users can customise these templates by making changes and utilising the available tags appropriately. 

This will allow users to set up templates for their emails with ease.


Navigation:  Settings>> Integrations


In this section, the system will display the integration of the Time and fees  module with various applications.

The system is seamlessly integrated with the following options:

  • Email: Users can leverage Capium Emails for Time and Fees, or alternatively, use Gmail or Outlook based on their specific requirements.

Once the Settings are done now Navigate to manage Section in the Time and fees module

Manage Section

In the Manage section, the following elements are:

  • Clients

  • Tasks

  • Users

  • Expense Type

Import Clients

Navigation: Manage>Import > Clients

Under this section once  client is selected, you have the option to import clients into the Time and Fee module using two modes:

  1. Clients Import using Sample File using CSV:

  • Utilise this mode by importing clients through a sample CSV file.

  1. From Other Capium Modules:

  • Choose 'Practice Management,' then select the client type to import client details into.

Import Tasks

Navigation: Manage>Import> Tasks

You can import tasks in bulk into the Time and fees module by navigating to Manage>Import and selecting 'Tasks' as demonstrated in the attached document.

Tasks can be imported from Practice Management by uploading them. Upon creating a new job, you will be able to view tasks associated with that specific job.


Navigation: Manage> Import>> Users


You can import the Users into the Time and fees module in bulk from the Manage> Import> By selecting the Users as shown in the attachment.

Once  the Users are added in My Admin you will be able to see the users here by importing them.

Customising Tasks, Permissions

Once the users are brought in now you will be able to Customise the users

Navigation: Users> Select a User> User Details.

In this section  you can change the permission  from Administration, Manager, Regular User

Additionally you can customise the Capacity and Permissions.

Under this Section you can customise the Hours worked, Billable Rate, The company associated and Tasks.

Example: You can assign access to the tasks ( Payroll task  to the payroll team)

Expense Type

Navigation: Manage>Import> Expense Types


You can import the Expense Types into the Time and Fees module in bulk from the Manage> Import> By selecting the Expense Types as shown in the attachment


Navigation: Manage>> Export  


To export the data from this section, the  admin user needs to navigate to Manage> Export select the desired dates, select the category(Clients, users, Tasks, Expense Types), and download  the data format as have option to export the data through Excel, CSV and PDF as shown in the attachment 


Navigation: Manage>> Permissions


 In The Permission section, You can customise the access permissions accordingly based on your organisation requirements.

  • Admin Access

  • Manager Access

  • Regular User Access

  The admin can manage the access for all the users. The admin can enable or disable the permission of the sections based on the requirement 

Note: Only the Admin User will have access to provide the permissions.

Once the process of the Time and Fees module is completed. Now you will be able to navigate to the jobs section> Create job and start tracking the time.

Thank You.

If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to your Onboarding Manager.